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Member requirements:

1.  Member companies should be profitable - this is not a triage unit for failing businesses.

2. We want executives who realize that they are still an unfinished product.

3. Members must be willing to answer challenging questions openly without being offended. Likewise, they must be able to ask tough questions of fellow members without offending.  Our members always analyze but never criticize.

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Don't just work in your business  -  work on your business

using the power of Group Coaching from your fellow CEOs and leaders

how it works

is it for you?

As the Missoula-area Vistage Chair, Jerry O'Connell utilizes decades of management consulting experience to facilitate, mentor and coach a local peer advisory group made up of area CEOs and business owners.  At monthly peer group meetings, members offer each other agenda-free advice and challenge each other to take courageous, thoughtful steps to become better leaders, make better decisions, and achieve significantly better results

Vistage offers a unique opportunity to combine business and executive coaching with the cooperative support of your peers.

Led by our dedicated business mentor in Missoula, the local Peer Advisory Group digs deep into its members' most challenging and important issues. We meet once a month to solve problems, evaluate opportunities and work on an assortment of strategic and operational issues. Meetings are confidential forums for experienced executives to rely on each other for wisdom and counsel.

You will turn "What to do?" into "Done that!". Perspective is achieved, a definitive plan of action is determined. In subsequent meetings, progress is checked and accountability ensured.

what we do

Many individuals at the helm of a business find that business leadership is an isolated world that can be “lonely at the top.”  We all have gaps in our expertise but properly identifying and filling in those gaps is difficult without outside help.  However, finding unbiased advice from a business mentor with no hidden agenda is rare - finding a group of unbiased, agenda-free experts to serve as your counsel is near impossible.

VISTAGE Missoula